Plankalkül V3. Hi-pressure front tire and elastomer suspension polish every road.


Plankalkül V3 folded


Conan says: Plankalkül is as handy as a good Einhänder-Schwert.


Surfin with Plankalkül V3 works great in my home street.


Plankalkül at Chicago 2003


Surfin with V3.82 in front of Chicago skyline.


Plankalkül rides save trough the ghetto.


All amercian boys testing Plankalkül. Cory from Manhatten about V3.82: "This is the next skateboard".

DJ Cougar Shuttle.


Plankalkül makes you the kewlest kid at the schoolyard.


Railways and Plankalkül would save the environment, but it's too late for that in Chicago.


Paul from Beige Records USA.


Don't mention the war! ("...und von der Saar!")


The radiator mascot knows the way. Plankalkül: One size fits all.


The wheeliebar also makes room for a backlight. Buzz Lightyear illuminates the street with LEDs.


The wheeliebar is not only for wheelies but also for just standig on it.


The wheeliebar allows more surfboard like driving...


...even in heavy traffic.


At the rear, Plankalkül looks a little bit like an old Citroen now. :-)


Kraut's Extreme Shopping: It's often difficult to transport a beer crate on a bicycle. Bicycle carrier development has been stuck for years. Plankalkül transports two crates today.


Dragan of AtariForce and V3.2 in Stuttgart.


Bodenstandig 2000 and the boys from Beige Records/USA after a gig in Munich.


Cory from Manhatten performs his Metal-Guitar very credible.


DJ Cougar Shuttle from Chicago shows da level-headed amerikan stiloz.


Still DJ Cougar Shuttle


He stresses the german art of engineering to a limit that is hardly possible if you ask Newton.


The "old" Plankalkül V2.2


Me an my lovely Plankalkül. It
replaces my bicycle. I carry a rucksack or courier bag usually for buying my daily things.


Ride it with no hands even at very low speed is easy.


It's even easier at high speed.


You can accellerate by wedeling also.


Driving while crouching is aerodynamic and gemutlich.


Don't call and drive!


If you are lucky, a scooter dog with a motor comes along.


Do not trust any scooter you cannot steer with two fingers! The suspension even makes cobblestones less of a pain.


Watch your headlight in the dark.


When the terrain is rough, Plankalkul can be pushed with one hand.